Review of USI Tech – Scam or Legit?

The United Software Intelligence tech company (USI Tech) is a high-tech trading company whose niche is the development of automated Forex software.

Its primary focus is on client relation as well as unique digital asset investment strategies.

The main founders are Ralf Gold and Joao Filipe Fernandes Severino.

The other 2 primary partners include Horst Jicha (COO) and Mike Kiefer (VP Marketing).

USI Tech has been generating large revenue from the proprietary trading software for many years.

The company’s headquarters is in Dubai as seen from its address and location.

The source of profits and main focus of the company is mining alternative coins.

In addition, they participate in repetitive arbitrage trading on several exchanges that profit small margins on trades characterized by low risk.

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How to join USI Tech

Its membership is mainly advertised as a lucrative business opportunity. The joining fee is €600, and this is listed as software license.

There is a commission of 10% that is paid on every first level referral. This means that in order to receive commission from every one of the twelve referrals, payment of the €600 fee is compulsory.

Members earn commissions of €120 for every affiliate. USI Tech offers a compensation plan structure of a 3 x 12 matrix and that has 797,160 positions in total. The matrix positions can either be directly as well as indirectly filled.
Individuals who utilize the USI Tech software get charged brokerage fee.

Recruiting affiliates get paid a brokerage fee of 25% while the remaining 75% is spread out to12 payments and in the entire 3×12 matrix.

The compensation matrix of USI Tech has a resemblance to binary MLM structure. However, it is composed of 3 active legs rather than 2. The company pays commissions to embers on every referral activity. USI Tech’s matrix structure is also popular for producing spillover referrals. These are referrals that have been recruited by one’s upline and placed under them. This means that an additional spillover commission can be generated from them. USI Tech has the benefit of commencing by free membership thus a low-risk opportunity. People can begin with packages that are as small as a €50 investment. It should be noted that the company does not charge a reoccurring fee for the maintenance of the active opportunity.

How to make money in USI Tech

The compensation rewards plan that USI Tech has in place is very easy to understand. They do not offer any products other than BTC packages and Forex trading software.

The primary service they offer is automated trading software, but consumers can generate money via their commission structure. There is a 35% commission that USI Tech spreads across twelve levels.

The compensation plans significantly rewards those with more recruits. Alternatively, users can generate money with USI Tech by imploring individuals beneath them to use USI Tech software in making trades.

This is because a brokerage fee is charged by the company, a portion of which the user will receive while the rest gets spread on the network. The ideal way of performing deposits as well as withdraws from USI Tech is to create a bitcoin wallet.

USI Tech review: BTC trading & mining

The cost of every BTC Package is approximately $50 Euros or $60 US Dollars. This means that needs to be paid in BTC to a particular wallet address after signing up.

An average of 1% ROI daily is he pay of every 140-Day BTC Package. The payouts combine generated profits and the original capital because daily withdrawals are permissible.

There is a limit of 2.5 BTC per day. Alternatively, one can reinvest the profits for additional packages. This is the loop that all partners and affiliates recommend since it earns at a faster rate and allows one to receive more after the expiry of a contract. The Forex trading software has a lifetime membership for twelve-month agency license.

USI Tech Conclusion

USI Tech is a gateway program that allows people in search of companies and opportunities to earn Bitcoins and commence understanding the type of potential the cryptocurrency industry has.

It is common knowledge that mining, altcoin trading and cryptocurrencies have a great potential that people should capitalize on.

If this is done on a large scale and in the right way, it can generate a lot of money and that is USI Tech’s potential.

However, the above insightful information on USI Tech review indicates that users have to be active to generate results as witnessed by many businesses opportunities.

Our recommendation? Investing in USI Tech could be risky. It’s probably better to look at learning how to invest in cryptocurrency yourself. A good thing to do is just buy Bitcoin. After all the price could be in the millions within a few years if Bitcoin goes mainstream.